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HFoT October 21 2022

Alexis Castrogiovanni - Someday My Thoughts Will be Like a Range of Mountains; 2022 Alexis Castrogiovanni
Soisong - Kabuki-Chop; 2022 Dais Records (as background song)
Use Knife - Ed Wana Ed; 2022 VIERNULVIER Records
Astéréotypie - Aucun mec ne ressemble à Brad Pitt dans la Drôme; 2022 Air Rytmo Modulor
Flagman - Sniff; 2022 Grubis Records
Snailmate, Mega Ran, Chris Conde - It's Coming Back! Again!; 2022 Snailmate
Rocio Marquez, BRONQUIO - La Piel #2 - Sequiriya; 2022 Universal Music Spain, S.L.U.
Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Nusin; 2022 LAVALAVA Records
Moon Juice, Konrad Agnas, Krypto Grotesk, Cherif El Masri, Johan Graden - Discollage, Pt. 2 Tar Pit Etiquette; 2021 Bakgrundsmusik Records
Chouk Bwa & The Angstromers - Zemedo; 2022 Bongo Joe
Use Knife - Ptolemaic; 2022 VIERNULVIER Records
Wishmountain - Dust; 2022 Accidental Ltd
Andreas Davids, Sven Phalanx - Das Tor Zu Einer Anderen Welt - 2022 Infacted Recordings
Xotox - Leben und Sterben Fur Musik Aus Strom; 2022 Infacted Recordings
Varsovia - Hablemos Claramente; 2022 Buh Records
Etceteral - Rome Burns; 2022 tak:til
Techologia Para Ser Libres - Mapocho; 2022 Techologia Para Ser Libres
Ingiozov - Greenleaf; 2021 Arupa Music
Maga Bo - No Contencao de Jah (feat. Jeru Banto); 2022 Kaxambu Records
Simansky & Niesner - Stalin Plac; 2022 Stoned to Death
L'Orange - What Am I Gonna Do; 2021 Mello Music Group

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HFoT September 23 2022


Plea Unit - Mindflayer; 2022 Tenth Court

Staraya derevnya - Scythian Nest; 2022 Staraya Derevnya

Alex Figueira - Tambourine Flush; 2022 Music With Soul

Hiss Sound - Kenau; 2022 Animist

Sensational, Planteaterz - Fancy Shit; 2022 NAFF

Uchylak - NON; 2022 2241663 Records DK

Silvia Tarozzi, Deborah Walker, Coro Delle Mondini di Bentivoglio - La Lega; 2022 Silvia Tarozzi and Deborah Walker / Unseen Worlds

Kot Kot - Landyshi; 2022 Aguirre Records

Full Toilet - Why; 2021 Full Toilet

The Ducks - Pipes; 2022 Theduckswillfxckyou

Cheap Meat - Ages; 2020 Discontinuous Innovation Inc.

ISMATIC GURU - Hey, Little Fucker; 2022 John Toohill / Brandon Schila

Papa's Lil Tards - I'm surely a Simple; 2022 Digital Hotdogs

Tin-Ear - Tin Life; 2022 Home Late

Podium - Una Coraza; 2022 Sloveny Recordings

Alina Maldonado, Golden Hornet, Vortice Ensemble, Pahua - Imparmanencia Involuntaria (Pahua Remix); 2022 Six Degrees Records

Kelli Bobbi - Freak Job; 2022 Steak & Cake Records

El Irreal Veintiuno - Dualidad; 2022 NAAFI

Lone Taxidermist - Eh!; 2020 not on label

Hagop Tchaparian - GL; 2022 Text Records

Coco Em, MC Sharon, Wuod Baba - Winyo Nungo; 2022 InFine

J.U.S. - Price is right; 2021 Bruiser Brigade Records

ICHI - Go Gagambo; 2016 Lost Map Records

Forget Cliff Richard, forget Paul MacCartney, forget Kate Bush, forget Shirley Bassey, and forget Rod Steward. Here are Larry Marks and Chris Van Eys performing as the wackiest of all known animals… well that is besides the Jabiru Stork, the Harpy Eagle, the dumbo octopus, the Japanese spider crab, the satanic leaf-tailed gecko… Well, in fact many animals combine the weird, subversive and surprising beauty of nature as The Ducks, but that’s besides the point I try to make. Fact is that The Ducks pull you into a powerful and pleasant state of hypomania. (The best state of mind to exist and function in life, if you ask me.) They give you the experience that normality is a bothering social construct, leaving discipline as an unscratchable itch. This is as punk as it gets. The Ducks are nothing less than the Hammer of the Gods, forged in the magnificent heart of the volcano. The place where the gods hammer out their formidable weapons. And so, here’s my response - as a philosopher - to all raging scholarly debates about if Nietzsche would prefer East or West coast hip hop. With Dyonisian laughter I tell you that The Ducks are what Nietzsche really would have appreciated.

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Echobox Broadcasts 2022

The show broadcasts at 3 PM Amsterdam time on the following dates:

11th March, 8th April, 6th May, 3rd June, 1st July, 29th July, 26th August, 23rd September, 21st October, 18th November & 16th December.

Two weeks after broadcasting the show will be available on the Echobox page on Mixcloud.

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Interview Staraya derevnya

The never boring Staraya derevnya

The British-Israeli kraut folk collective Staraya derevnya presents me with a serious problem. Trying to review their latest album Boulder Blues, everything I write doesn’t seem to make any sense. It just seems unnecessary to add words to their music. I suspect that it’s because there's an existential depth to their music. It also makes me rethink the whole concept of reviewing music. But why does their music provoke this issue in me? So, I do what I always do, I go at it like a madman and I came up with the following. 

“The music of British-Israeli kraut folk collective Staraya derevnya is, strangely enough, a familiar kind of avant-garde. Avant-garde, as well in philosophy as art, usually comes up with entirely new frameworks people can’t relate to. Usually that’s heavily confusing. But that's also the excitement of it: knowing that there’s a yet unknown perspective to understand reality. It challenges ideas and traditional understanding, also in terms of composing. But Staraya does it in a non-confusing way. It resonates familiarly.”

But I have no idea why.

So I mail Staraya derevnya, curious about what emotions their music evokes and if contingency plays a part in their music. Band member and sound engineer Gosha Shtasel invites me to a video chat and we talk about the meaning of music. Gosha says that there are no meanings in their music. It’s not about messages, it’s not about how you feel and not meant to play a certain kind of feeling. 

“If you want to address a meaning, try to talk around it.” Gosha explains that he doesn’t like to talk about the grand things. He rather talks about Christmas and presents. This is also why Gosha sings in a made up language, although his mother tongue, Russian, can be recognised. The singing is about sounds, the voice is in fact used as an instrument, and this too stresses out that it’s not about messages. And above all, music shouldn't be taken too seriously. 

But when you follow a songwriting course at Berklee, which I did, they really want you to put an emotion in your song. Ask before you start: what emotion do I want to put in my song? And can others hear that emotion? Gosha says about this kind of composing: “When you do it like that, it’s fake, it’s made-up, it’s not real. Our music is more like sharing, about what life is. But not in a direct way. All members have difficult experiences, have their pain, and it’s shared in our music. But in an indirect way. So, it’s there.., but not on purpose and it’s not made up.”

And what about the contingency I think to recognise? How does a track come into existence?

The six members of Staraya derevnya live all over the world. One lives in Mexico, three in Israel and two in London. So, they rarely come together. But when they do, they quickly record a first-take improvisation. Gosha, as sound engineer, takes the material home. A second layer is added with details. That layer is more about complexity and structure. But the music happens at the moment. 

Is it possible to repeat this music on stage? That seems like a difficult task. Gosha assures me that the opposite is true. Their live performances are structured improvisation. They start e.g. with a skeleton baseline and improv is added to that. That improv flows into the first song. A piece of improv follows that song and then the second song follows. They play four structured songs and build around it. Their live performances are also more than music. A live concert happens with art on stage which has the same importance as the music. 

I express my worries about this kind of performance. It seems difficult to me. You have to know your instrument very well, mistakes are possibly everywhere, and you have to play in harmony with others who you only meet briefly while recording a first-take improvisation. “Oh no”, Gosha says, “Improv frees you of stress. There’s only responding to others and that’s liberating.” And I believe him. The look on his face is very convincing.

Originally I wrote that their music reflects “an existential presence of the contingency of life”. A sentence that is pretentious as fuck and what does it mean anyway? That became clear after the conversation with Gosha. But I still think I did grasp a spark of an existential presence in their music. As Gosha said, their music is about sharing, about what life is. And that’s undeniable present in their music.

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HFoT August 26 2022

Sven Phalanx - Ansprache an die Menschheit; 2022 Mahorka
Kink Gong - Cym Wu Khmu; 2013 Discrepant
Naujawanan BaidarIsyan - Dorost Ast; 2022 Radio Khiyaban
Bad Breeding - Misdirection; 2022 One Little Independent Records
Tom Emlyn - Under the Street; 2022 Tom Emlyn
Decay the Llama, Custom Made, Homeboy Sandman, Defcee - Lights Out; 2022 Filthe Analects Record Company LLC
CRPNTR, Kami-O - Lighthouse; 2022 Crpntr
Eigen Risico - NILBOG x Young Neil; 2022 Eigen Risico Records
Porto D'Oro- Treno; 2022 Sentiero Futuro Autoproduzioni
Blanco Teta - Incendiada ft. Sara Hebe; 2020 Blanco Teta
Sniffany & The Nits - The Unscratchable Itch; 2022 PRAH Recordings
Etorno Ritorno - Sola; 2021 Sentiero Futuro Autoproduzioni
Ergo Phizmiz - Busby Berkley; 2022 Ergo Phizmiz
Michael Steele - Limerence Phantoms; 2022 (Not On Label)
Judith Steenbrink, Holland Baroque, BASTARDA - Introduction for Chamber Ensemble; 2022 Penmtatone
Gimmik - There You Are (Funky Modular); 2022 n5MD
DJ Foreign ft Adam Bohman - Busy Over the Summer; 2020 Ffordd Allan
Johnny Broke - Disco Nap; 2022 Wrong Speed Records

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HFoT July 29 2022

COH & Schall    Soii Blanc    2022 forthcoming COH
World Domination Enterprises    Funky Town    2020 (on Bandcamp) Remastered Edition
Homeboy Sandman    Cow's Milk    2021 Mello Music Group
The Submissives    Wanne Be Your Thing    2022 Bruit Direct Disques
Dog Chocolate    Animals Don't Give a Shit About Your Art    2018 Upset The Rhythm
Rudolf Abramov    Paracetamol ft. Matthew Johnson    2022 Höga Nord Rekords.
Radio Zumbido    El Hampa    2002 Palm Pictures Pictures, LLC
O.R.C.    Donkey    2022 Plasma Check Records
Midori    bonyo vs bouyo    2010 Sony Music Associated Records
Marvin Pontiac    We are Frog People    2017 Strange and Beautiful
OCnotes    Oops, I accidentally Started a Revolution    2021 LAHE
Fiver    Song of the Mournful Millionaire    2022 You've Changed Records
Elias Dia Kimuezo    Zé Salabimca    2021 Elias Dia Kimuezo
Romperayo    Asi no se Puede Muchacho    2022 Souk
Cheb Terro vs DJ Die Soon    Abtal Al Digital    2022 Drowned By Locals
Arupa    Acompanado    2021 Rawax
Zoogz Rift    The Secret Marines  Hyphen open parenthesis - (4-F, 5-0, 666, 7-Eleven, Eight-is-Enough, 9-Lives, 10-4) - close parenthesis   

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HFoT July 1 2022

Grandmaster Gareth - Ignition; 2006 SL Records
Misty's Big Adventure - Just Another Day; 2011 Grumpy Fun Records
AV Dummy - Postmodern Exorcism; 2022 Wolf Tone
The Difference Machine, Day Tripper - The Joint - Threepeeoh Remix; 2022 Full Plate
Cuckoo Coco - Out For Blood; 2022 Coen Grumetza
St. Agnis - III; 2022 5 Gate Temple
Grandmaster Gareth - Forgotten the Fish; 2006 SL Records
Otto Von Schirach - Triangle Pit; 2022 Triangle Earth Records
Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals - Coke Jaw; 2022 Phantom Limb
Portron Portron Lopez - Trois-Cent-Dix-Huit Poussettes; 2022 PL Records
Salar Salman - Shapolekan; 2022 AM Records
Whitney K - Two Strangers; 2022 Maple Death Records
Grandmaster Gareth - Armless Fun; 2020 Grandmaster Gareth
BZDET - nie potrzebuję; 2022 Syf Records
Bootlicker - Conscription; 2021 Neon Taste Records
Waipod Phetsupan - Ding Dong; 2010 Soundway Records Ltd
Occult Character - Titans of Trash; 2022 self released
Pulco - The Tollund Man; 2022 self released
Swordman Kitala - Your Ma Babe; 2022 Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records
Mari Hetzer - Sibilitz; 2022 MAMBArec
Rudolf Abramov - Fragments of a Marching Stone; 2022 Optimo Music

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HFoT June 2022

John Lurie - Ahhh... Fishing; 2006 Strange and Beautiful
Santa Sprees - Smite & Pest; 2022
Black Star Liner - Heavy Madras; 2022
Paavoharju, Joose Keskilato - High Mountains; 2022 Helmi Levyt
The Plastik Beatniks - All Those Streets I must Find Cities For; 2022 Alien Transistor
Don Korto - Samosa Beat #01; 2020 On The Corner
Uffe - Forfa; 2021 On The Corner
Brutal Ceasar, Ras Kass - 16 Daggers - PF Cutin mix; 2022 Bruton Sound
Home is Where, Record Setter - names; 2022 Father/Daughter Records
Undo K From Hot - Remnants Of Chris; 2022 - self-released 2022
Vision 3D - Blv Cbd; 2022 Belly Botton Records
Gaspacho- Anger and Hate; 2022 Gaspacho
Buldadda - Tell Silicon Valley They Can Keep Their Liberalmobil; 2022 876266 Records DK
Batida, Mayra Andrade - Bom Bom; 2022 Crammed Discs
Mr. Mamadou - Que Viva Chango; 2018
Chris Conde - Giraffever; 2022 Atypeek Music
Etienne Jaumet - Rive Opposte; 2022 Bureau B
Maria w Horn - Oinones Death, Pt. 1; 2022 Hallow Ground
Alai KI - wanna Dance; 2021 On The Corner
Afrorack - African Drum Machine; 2022 Hakuna Kulala

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HFoT May 2022

Paten Locke -Novadosage; 2022 Full Plate
Small Bills - Here Be Dragons ft. E L U C I D, The Lasso, KAYANA; 2020 Mello Music Group
DJ Qbert -Dream Catcher; 2022 Thud Rumble
The Louvin Brothers -Satan is Real; 2002 Capitol Records Nashville
Stimmerman - How Come the Devil Never Talks to Me (When I need Him Most?); 2022 Invisible Planet Records
Party Dozen -Dog Plan; 2022 Sub Pop Records
Jupiter & Okwess -You Sold Me a Dream ft. Ana Tijoux; 2021 Zamora Label / Studio Gouv
Combo Chimbita -Memoria; 2022 Anti
Crizin da Z.O. -Mantra Maquita (I.C.G. Jungle Mix); 2022 Crizin da Z.O. (Dist. Tratore)
Scúru Fitchádu -Sorrizu Margos; 2020 1611743 Records DK
Skeleton King -My Joy - Dub Version; 2022 Lobster Theremin
El Khat - Djaja; 2022 Glitterbeat Records
The Good Ones - My Son Has Special Needs, But There's Nowhere For Him to Go; 2022 Six Degrees Records
Širom - I Unveil a Peppercorn to See It Vanish; 2022 Glitterbeat Records
MNTH -Pedra Sobre Pedra ft. Hanna Olivegren; 2022 Mais Um Discos
Pinch Points - Capital; 2022 Mistletone
Chronophage - Black Clouds; 2022 Post Present Medium

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HFoT April 2022

KLS - onomegatopeia; 2020 KLS
Penya, Pete Wareham - Baba Meyi; 2021 Liminal Recordings
Psyche Nah - Broken Record; 2022 579680 Records DK
Limited Express (Has Gone?) - Invitation; 2022 LessThanTV
Bye Bye Tsunami - Bye Bye Tsunami; 2022 Nefarious Industries
Ovuca - FI3AC2146010; 2021 AP Music
DeStructos - She's Got The Master Plan (Flanafi mix); 2022 Girlsville
LUMANZIN - Now You Know Me; 2022 PWR Records
LUMANZIN -Quem Ainda Sai ft. Danilo Moura e João Peters
Blak Saagan - Convergenze Parallele; 2021 Maple Death Records
Junio y Su Equipo - La Borrachita; 2022 Analog Africa
Snooper - Powerball; 2022 Electric Outlet
Defrag - Event; 2022 Hymen Records
Bruiser Brigade - Welfare ft. Danny Brown; 2021 Bruiser Brigade Records
Kyoto Kyoto - Grangbeen; 2022 Blizcat Records
Never - HVRXLD; 2022 Veyl
Alai K - Leo; 2022 On the Corner
The Detroit Escalator Co. - The Inverted Man (Dreaming); 2020 Musique Pour La Danse
The Threshold Houseboys Choir - Part 1: A Time of Happening; 2022 Musique Pour La Danse

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HFoT March 2022

CoH, Anna Yamada - Sleepwalker; 2020
Kuunatic - Full Moon Spree; 2021 Glitterbeat Records
Congotronics International - Banza Banza; 2022 Crammed Discs
Aya - Emley lights us moor ft. Iceboy Violet; 2021 Hyperdub Ltd
Petrol Girls - Baby I had an Abortion; 2022 Petrol Girls
Sam Snitchy - get me wrong; 2022 Voodoo Rhythm Records
Jana Rush - Moanin'; 2021 Planet Mu Records Ltd
Tarta Relena - El suicidi i el cant; 2021 La Castanya / The Indian Runners
Bab L' Bluz - Yemma; 2020 Real World Records Limited
Juniper - Boys! Boys! Boys! Boys! Boys!; 2020 Confidential Recordings
Cumgirl18 - Bugs; 2021 DERO Arcade
TsuShiMaMiRe - Give Me Whiskey; 2021 Mojor Records
Avalanche Kaito - Dabalomuni; 2021 Glitterbeat Records
Elsy Wameyo - River Nile; 2022 Music in Exile
Maria Uzor - Permission; 2022 Heaven's Lathe

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HFoT February

Panik Attaks - Rejection
Irah - Bombahole Boris
Benefits - Meat Teeth
H31R, maassai - toxic behavior
Pieri - Quien Paga
Media Jeweler - Middle Ages
Oruã - Essência Bruta
Branko Mataja - Tebi Majko Misli Lete
Cockroach Eater - Kyogen Qabbalah
Yammerer - Tell Me What the Ancient Astronaut Theorist Believes
Sludgefeast - MP3 Club #38: Sound Test
Karloff - Endut! Hoch Hech!
Phuyu y la Fantasma - Sacr/Art-ificio
Barkley Bandon - Always Gonna Wait For You
Soisong - Atzue
Sheng Jie, Sheng Jing - SJSJ I
Oxy Aether Gust - gust pt. 1
Aavikko - Siperian Rata

Soisong was a musical collaboration between Peter Christopherson from Coil and Ivan Pavlov. Ivan publishes his music on Bandcamp as CoH (pronounced as Son and is the Russian word for sleep). On the COH Bandcamp Page you’ll find ten CoH Broadcasts which sound like unusual radio transmissions. They’re atmospheric and of great beauty.

Benefits make noisy songs about the dismal state of the country they live in. Their songs reflect the raw energy of English revolt and reveal the obscurity of society and politics, showing the absurd and the immoral of a meaningless world. A world in which you feel like you’d won the lottery at getting ten pounds an hour. Benefits is power that allows no distraction, it’s a voice that will not be silenced.

The Liverpool band Yammerer is a destructive and creative force, tearing down anything that gives off the slightest whiff of tradition or convention. Their music is a hammer, they flatten and smash, claw and bludgeon with a firm grip, and build new structures not following any rules. They show strength, courage and creativity in abundance, reinforcing their identity as they go - while making it fluid. In the track Tell me What the Ancient Astronaut Believes the lyricist addresses the problem of human knowledge and the construct of identity. Our knowledge of the world does not express the world as a matter of fact but expresses who we are. I also have the idea that the outside world seems to be colonizing personal identity with ideas which results in the mysterious disappearance of John Vertigo’s identity. Blame the news! John may be in a state of nihilism, realizing that nothing has any meaning at all. There is no god, there is no identity, it’s all human creation. But I’m not sure. So, I deliberated the lyrics with Chalice, another philosopher at Echobox, she’s head of broadcasting and has the outstanding program Chalice in Wonderland. She thought that it could address the Wittgensteinian problem that our investigation of the world around us is always limited by our language and the language games we play.

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HFoT January 2022

bis - The Science Bridge

Gladys Viera - Palomita Cuculi

Romperayo, DJ Tudo, Sua Gente de Todo Lugar - Encuentro

Amamiaynu - Kyuramun Rimse

Ghédalia Tazartès - Souffle

Tantão e os Fita - Autorama

Ergo Phizmiz - Bed Lamb

The Wirtschaftswunder - Kommissar

Pussy Gillette - Banana

Aunt Sally - Subete Urimono

Fashion Pimps and the Glamazones - L.A. County Critters

They Hate Change - 1000 Horses ft. SARGE

Michael Piffsmoke93 - ac Legend

Last Living Canibal - Growing Up

Mess Esque - Wake up to Yesterday

Hennessey - 8 Men

Co-Fusion - wE aRe ouT of cONtroL

The big question at the start of a new year is: did you make the almost inevitable New Year's resolutions? Do you want to lose a few pounds? Cook at least one meal a week? Live life to the fullest? Or be like a Roman Emperor? And I’m not being silly about it. Absolutely not. Because, how can one not support these bald ideas of improving yourself? And although these resolutions have a bad reputation, they’re innocent of the failure that often follows them. We should not ridicule them for that. It’s just not an easy task. Or to quote the ancient stoic philosopher Epictetus “Progress is not achieved by luck or accident, but by working on yourself daily.” The Gods didn’t create us satisfied and therefore we humans are occupied by changing how we feel. And this world has a lot of drugs and alcohol to offer when it comes to this, but we also invented culture, among which art, music and… Echobox radio. These also have the ability to change the way people feel, by changing the way people understand the world around them and how to perceive their place in the world and who they are.

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